Context and Objectives

The population raising and the rate of economic growth and intensification of agriculture have put critical pressure on natural systems exceeding their productive capacities. This imbalance has been further accentuated in recent decades due to the combined effects of climate change and the social and economic changes occurred in the most countries. Such changes would affect the future production capacities of these systems and threaten their ecological and economic sustainability. As in most countries, Tunisia has invested in the environment protection and the natural resources preservation. Some successes have been achieved but remain insufficient given the amplitude of the imbalance since the gap continues to widen between the rate of exploitation and the capacity of natural systems to provide the necessary services. In this context, the "sustainable management" of natural resources appears to be an eminently practical means of reconciling the objectives of economic development, social equity and environmental protection.

This conference will be an opportunity to bring to the international audience scientific contributions and to exchange experiences in this field. It will also be a venue for a cross sector exchange between scientists and policy makers on the role of research in designing policies to conserve and improve the efficiency of natural resources exploitation.


Les langues officielles de la Conférence seront l’Anglais et le Français